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Monday, 21 May 2018

Commodore's Update - 20th May

Dear all, we are now well into our best sailing months and people are bursting with enthusiasm.
Last Tuesday saw 11 new Come and Tries, 11 beginners and 6 intermediates. It was quite a challenge and Tim was fantastic. Everyone got out on the water and a really big thanks to everyone who turned up to help. Tony Dufton was a welcome addition to the team of helpers. 
I did not get a chance to take any photos but the 5 young girls Dilys, Millie, Maggie, Hanna and Helena showed a that girls can sail brilliantly.
We have issues with our Pico rudders. We have managed to have 1 Pico rudder fixed but still have 2 Picos that have broken rudders. If anyone has a spare one they no longer need the club would be pleased to hear from you and we could come to some arrangement.
Great to see the series racing continuing and the regular sailors out on the water.
Saturdays social sailing this week saw Gail take Emmet for his first sail and he took the helm confidently.
Maggie and Peter came along to practise and weren't put off by a little capsize at the end of the session! Thank you Harry for being calm in the safety boat. If anyone with experience is free on a Saturday evening to support I would be pleased for the company.
Sailing on a sunny evening - nothing better !

Calling any juniors who are creative we'd love pictures, paintings, films, cartoons for inclusion in the Autumn newsletter.
To keep you up to speed - the roof repairs are scheduled to be done this summer we are just waiting for the go ahead from the council. We'll keep you posted but the scaffolding may go up soon. 
Thinking ahead - Andy Baines has offered to do the Barbecue for Commodores weekend and we are asking for members to book in via webcollect so we can catered for everyone. I would welcome any help with games on or off the water and in the kitchen(help not games!). Looking forward to celebrating 90 years in style.
Looking forward to another week of fair weather.

As a post script to Saturday's Social Sailing, the sailing featured on Facebook when a picture of the wonderful sunny evening was posted on the Yeadon - Our Community Page. In addition we saw Harry supporting the sailors from the safety boat when we drove past on our way out for the evening, he looked to be well in control !  
Thank you to Helen Barker for the photo

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Commodore's Update - 6th May

 Good evening.....a quick catch up on the YSC week. Thank you to all who responded about the trailers. Martin is still sorting so if you havn't got in touch he'd be pleased to hear from you. We will have to make a decision about those left without owners.
I caught Richard and Mark planning last Saturdays session. Thank you to all the OOD's and AOOD's who ran this weeks sessions...I realise family life is busy and weekends are short...we all appreciate you making the effort to keep everyone racing.
The kids who came for the Come and Try session on Tuesday left with the buzz of sailing. The grown ups also seemed to enjoy themselves. Harriet and Felix kept the Intermediates busy and on task. Edward was hiking out and showing them all how to do it.
The Social Sailing started on Saturday night. Louise and I enjoyed an hour in some fantastic evening sunshine. We both gave our boats an airing and realised we had remembered some of what the team had taught us. I will try and be there every Saturday at 4 pm for a 5pm out on the water. Check the facebook posts beforehand just in case I have had to cancel.
Today was the Laser Open Meeting and what a fantastic day.  We had a great team in the race box, in the kitchen and in the clubhouse. It was a pleasure to spend the day with everyone and out on the water. Well done Luke for winning.
This week begins again on Tuesday evening with club night and training.
Wednesday is the Tarn User Forum held in the Activity Centre at 5.30. If anyone wants to attend with me to see what its all about you would be very welcome. I will be rushing in as close to 5.30 as I can make it.
Saturday is the Open Day. It would be great to see as many members as we can and hoping the place will have a real buzz about it. John, Paul and Jackie have offered to take the general public out for a quick go round the tarn, members are encouraged to drop in for a cup of coffee and a catch up and if you want to use the mower round your boat space I'd be happy to plug it in for you!
Tim is running a beginners session and Andrew is running a training session. Please check the yscwebsite/webcollect/eventbright for details.

A reminder that the YSC 90th birthday celebrations are planned for the July 7th and 8th - Commodores Weekend. Any suggestions for suitable ways to celebrate would be welcome. There will be activities on both days  and an opportunity to eat together on the Saturday night before the midnight race.  Lets hope the weather holds fair. More details to follow. If anyone could offer some help in the kitchen on the Sunday Gren and Cathy would be really grateful.
See you out on the water


6th May 2018

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

New Year's Day at the Sailing Club

Since the water had been lowered to repair the Dam wall in December we have been watching to see if the water levels recover sufficiently so our Annual New's Day Race could be held. Richard, and I believe Danny the Fishing bailiff, cleared up some of the mess the Council Contractors had left us and removed a number of rocks and boulders from jetty areas that had been left that could have caused damage to everybody's boats, so "Thank you guys for that !". The water level was still low to sail middle of last week but the snow on Friday and the thaw after that will have all helped.

This morning our Commodore and the Sailing Secretary inspected the levels and with sailors keen to race for the Commodore's Bottle the decision was made that despite it was being still lower than normal it had reasonably recovered that we would go for it, sailing was back on at Yeadon!  

To be fair the uncertainty of the water had put a number of people off from attending but Simon and Richard were keen to sail and Andrew and David were happy to run the race. In addition, a number of members were starting to turn up with food for the New Year's Day Fuddle and to watch the racing.

The boats were launched carefully and pushed out into deeper water before sailing off and the course was carefully set to avoid the shallower areas. 

Richard got the better start and quickly established a lead over Simon however as Richard bore away to run dead downwind between 3 and 4 it all went wrong and Richard tested the water temperature! He confirmed later it was cold! Simon kept it steady and glided past Richard as he had a couple of attempts to right the boat. Richard tried chasing after Simon but Simon was sailing consistently well and making few mistakes.

Meanwhile, in the Club house, the spectating members were tucking into the Fuddle and having a good natter!  

Back out on the water, Richard tested the water temperature again at least another time and Andrew and David decided to curtail the Race as Simon was getting close to lapping Richard and let them come in and join in with the Fuddle.

So Simon won the Commodore's Bottle for 2018 and Richard won a bottle of Newcastle Brown for his perseverance, and a good social time was had by the rest of us who came down! Thank you to Andrew and David for running the race and well done to Simon and good luck to him dinghy instructing with the Army this year!

The next Yeadon Sailing Club event is the Laying Up Supper on the 27th January at the Otley Courthouse - See you there! 
See details elsewhere on the Website